What Does Poetry Train Do ?
Your strength is writing poetry and songs, and ours is taking care of business.
The following deal is:
You assign the copyright in your poem or song to us, and in exchange we’ll be
responsible for all the business.
We’ll place your poems & songs on poetrytrain.com and on your desired individually picked websites,
and find people to use your poem & song, give them licenses, make sure they
pay you,
and split the money with you.
The rights we just described are known as administration rights.
This is a standard deal with you the writer, and we take on the
obligations to do these things,
and thus ‘’administers’’the compositions.

We keep your records secret and confidential for administration purposes and security.
Our contract is a 50%/50% Deal.

We plunge your poems, books & songs, and website around.
Get as much traffic to you as we can.
We also create compilations, to get you known.
Link exchanges, webrings, and complete web page on poetrytrain.com,
and uploading to various creative poetry and music sites.
Writer/Band/Songwriter/Composer Exchanges.
Search engines, and connections with our webmaster connections.


1 Publishers Contract Signed, Dated and Witnessed.
1 list of all works on Schedule A and Schedule B if apply
1 letter giving consent that you fully understand Section 6 of the Poetry Train Publishing Contract, and a list of websites you want to be active on.
2 lead sheets or 2 other types of printed copies, 2 Tapes or 2 CD or an electronic edition
must be submitted for clearance.
1 Copy of Copyright Registration for each book/album, poem, song or sound recording.
We need you or a representative of your song catalog to keep up to
date and current info on your poem/book, song/album status, and performance uses,
so we can assure, your catalogs up to date current completeness.

This is necessary.
Until we have cleared your work, readers and music users are
not aware
of your music available to them for performance.
Furthermore, until the work has been cleared,
you can not be credited with performance of your work.

When we clear your work you will be notified of its receipt by the
BMI Clearance Department. International.
Please watch for this confirmation so that you may be sure that your
Registration Clearance Forms have been received and duly
We can send you clearance forms upon your request.
Clearance Registration Forms can be obtained by
writing to Poetry Train, 444 S. Church St #220,
calling us @ 815-915-8332, or
emailing us @ WordSlinger@ymail.com


1 Publishers Contract Signed, Dated and Witnessed.
1 list of all works on Schedule A and Schedule B if apply
1 letter giving consent that you fully understand Section 6 of the Turboa Publishing Contract, and a list of webites you want to be active on.
2 lead sheets or 2 other types of printed copies, 2 Tapes or 2 CD s or an electronic edition
1 Copy of Form Copyright Registration.

must be submitted with the clearance also if the the work is based
on, or is an arrangement of, a public domain work.
In such case, the Registration Clearance Forms will not be processed
without the submission of the 2 printed copys , tapes or cds. or an electronic edition
With the respect of other works, we reserve the right to
that 2 printed copys , tapes, or cds or an electronic edition be submitted to
us if we specifically request it.

If your work has more than one title at the time it is registered
with BMI
show both titles on the clearance forms even if they are similar.
If a work acquires an alternative or additional title after
registration with BMI, do not submit an additional Clearance Form.
Instead, write to us identifying the work by its original title,
and request that the alternative title be added to the original
We'll will make changes to the BMI Clearance Department International.
(See Section 6 regarding works which may acquire foreign titles.)

Similarly, if the writer credit for a previously registered work is
to be corrected, do not submit a new clearance form.
Submit documentation to us substantiating the reason for the proposed
If the work has more than one title, we must be notified of both
titles even if they are very similar.

We can accept or submit for a license material contained on
spoken word recordings
And a substantial part of the recording contains clearly audible
In these cases, a 2 Tapes or 2 CDs or an electronic edition must be submitted.


Based on information submitted by you or a party with interests of your work.
If poetry or music from your catalog is used in a motion picture or television
the usage of such material is reported on a Music Cue Sheet prepared
by the producer of the film or program.

This cue sheet will list how the selection was used and the duration
of the performance(s).
You must submit to us the cue sheet for such film or program to us so
we can register the Music Cue Sheet to the TV Operations Department International if you are to be credited with performances
of your poetry or music.
It is not necessary to file Registration Clearance Forms for motion
picture or television background scores.
But a separate Registration Clearance Form is essential for any
feature work, or theme used as the main theme if the Form has not
been previously submitted for the work.


We advise you, that you must affiliate yourself with BMI in order
to receive performance royalties from BMI.
Royalties to writers affiliated with BMI are computed and paid to BMI.


Do not file a new Registration Clearance Form for an individual work
in which has been previously registered
and which is being fully assigned to, or split with, another
Write to us for a Form A to report a work fully assigned to another
or Form SP to report a work split with another publisher.
These Forms must be signed by the publisher for whom the work
was previously cleared before any change in publisher credit can be

If entire catalog is sold to us, a proper documentation will be sent
BMI The Administration Department
covering your State, or International area.


If any of your works are exploited abroad under a foreign title,
this foreign title should be registered with BMI by filing a new
Registration Form,
which should indicate the names of the original writers and the
foreign sub-lyricist, if any.
If there is a foreign publisher of the work, we will have to document
that on the Registration Clearance Form.

7. FILING SYSTEM, we keep on file.

1 Contract with authors and/ or composers

2. Copy of Copyright Registration


4. Copy of Licenses to Recording Co

5. Copy of Licenses to Transcriptions

6. Copy of Synchronization Licenses

7. Copy of Each Recording

8. Copies Of Promotional etc.

9. Schedule A & B
We need you or a representative of your song catalog to keep up to
date and current info on your poem or song status, and performance uses,
so we can assure, your catalogs up to date current completeness.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that we hear from poets, artists, writers, record labels, managers, and others about what we do here at Poetry Train. Scroll through our answers to learn more about our company and services, and about poetry and music publishing in general. Still have questions not answered here? Contact us.

Note: The information we share here is NOT legal advice. For guidance in a legal matter, please contact your own attorney.

1. Q. Is Poetry Train a legal Publisher?
A. yes.
Poetry Train operates a catalog with bmi.com out of the U.S.A. state of Illinois 2. Q. Does Poetry Train Publishing specialize in any kind of poetry or music?
A. No.
We work with all kinds of music from free verse to traditional, or hip-hop to classical.

3. Q. What is the difference between a composition and a master?
A. Compositions and masters are separate creative works protected by separate copyrights.
When a songwriter writes the words and music to a song, he or she can register the copyright for that "composition." The person or entity that owns the copyright for the composition is called the publisher-this may be the writer or a separate person. (If there is more than one owner, they are called "co-publishers".)
Any poet, artist (including the songwriter) who records the composition creates a new master of the poem or "master" (an actual sound recording) that is separately copyrightable. There can be many masters derived from one composition. Usually, the poet or the artist or his or her record company owns the copyright for the master.

4. Q. What does "Poetry Train " mean?
A. It means that Poetry Train can license both the master and the composition at the same time, thus streamlining the licensing process for my clients.

5. Q. Does Poetry Train ever work as a co-publisher instead of a licensing agent?
A. yes.
We can co-publish all your poetry or songs in the licensed Catalog. We focus all our licensing efforts on poetry or songs that we publish.

6. Q. What is the best way to contact Poetry Train?
A. Call us @ 815 915 8332
B. Email us at "WordSlinger at ymail dot com".
Click here to contact us now.

7. Q. If Poetry Train publishes my poem or song, would that prevent me from publishing that poem in my own book or recording that song on my own record?
A. No!
Since we would be co-publisher/publishers of the composition, and the master, you would be free to license the master to a publishing company or record company as long as Poetry Train's name is on the credit

8. Q. Is there any kind of poetry or music that Poetry Train does not want?
We cannot work with poetry with quotes or songs with samples because TV shows do not use them. We do not want songs that sample other songs. We cannot use songs that are "cover versions" of songs by other writers. (For example, if a band records a Beatles song, we cannot work with it.)

9. Q: Why is your company called "Poetry Train"? Do you love trains?
We like speedy/fast-rail, steam rail and I have a lot of respect for steam rail & high speed- rail! The "Poetry Train; evokes a future for poetry and music, furthermore makes things happen.

Still have questions? Contact us by calling or email for further information.

One last note: All clients get a client list of all who are published with poetry train. We hope to do business with you, and your professional time is appreciated.

John E O’Hara CEO of Poetry Train
BMI.com publisher # is CAE/IPI #: 682938498
Registered in the state of Illinois U.S.A.
Poetry Train
444 S. Church St. #220, Princeton, Illinois, 61356
815 915 8332
Poetry Train Publishing Information Kit